Laser Cut Acrylic Templates for RLR Creations patterns now availible from Tops and Bobbins

Tops and Bobbins Laser Cut Acrylic Pattern pieces for RLR Creations designs.

When Denise from Tops and Bobbins Quilt Shoppe contacted me about creating Acrylic Pattern Pieces for my designs, I was a bit skeptical.  A few questions I had were: Are they as detailed as the paper pattern pieces? Are they as precise in size as the original pattern pieces? Can they include all the placement and fussy cut markings I add to my pattern pieces? Denise was happy to answer all my questions and provide me with updates throughout the process of making the first set. Her husband was more than accommodating to all of my requests to be sure the pattern pieces matched my designs perfectly.

What is a better way to decide if Acrylic Templates are worth it? Why receive a set in the mail of course!

Tops and Bobbins sent me a set of templates hot off the laser cutter for my review. The turnaround time was simply amazing; I could not believe how quick they had the very first set done and in my mailbox!

What are Laser Cut Acrylic Templates?

Templates from Tops and Bobbins are acrylic (like your quilting ruler) templates that are precise laser cut duplicates of the original pattern pieces included in each of the RLR Creations PDF patterns.



They are crystal clear to help make cutting not only easier but accurate as well. Each piece is laser etched with the pattern piece identifiers (name and pattern piece letter), your cut list, along with all the markings that are on the original paper pattern pieces.


Each set contains full size pattern pieces with every pattern piece included in a pattern. No more printing, cutting and taping PDF pattern pieces together! The Acrylic Templates were wrapped and packaged very carefully so they arrived to me in perfect condition.  Each piece is paper backed to prevent scratching during shipment.


I think my favorite part right out of the box is that a hole was cut into each piece and they were laced onto a piece of coated wire that simply unscrews when you want to separate the pieces. A great way to keep all your pattern pieces together and hang up when not in use!

Also, enclosed in your order is a thank you card to let you know how to care for your new templates along with all the contact information you need for Tops and Bobbins.

A few of the benefits I found that make investing in Tops and Bobbins Acrylic Templates the ideal choice for your most used RLR Creations Patterns.

First and most likely the ideal reason is: The acrylic is durable and will last forever. No more reprinting, cutting out, and taping new  paper pattern pieces that have become too worn and tattered from using over and over.


Acrylic Templates are see-though which makes them ideal for making sure your targeted print area of the fabric will be cut specific to the pattern piece so a key part of it is not lost in the seam allowance, contrast pieces, or within curves.


They make cutting faster and much more accurate. Simply place them on the fabric and either trace around the pieces or for an even quicker cut grab your rotary cutter and cut right around the template piece without worry of accidently chopping off an edge of the pattern piece!


A quick Tutorial on Fussy Cutting your “Place on the Fold” Acrylic Pattern Pieces in 4 easy steps.

1. Measure and mark the center of your targeted area on the fabric.

2. Fold your fabric at the marked center line.

3. Place the Acrylic Template piece on the fabric with the “Place on the Fold” side aligned along the fold. Use the seam allowance and placement markings for contrast pieces ect. to align the design perfectly under the template.

4. Grab your rotary cutter and cut out your pattern piece!


If you prefer no “cut on the fold” pattern pieces, Tops and Bobbins will custom cut the pattern sets to full size pieces for you!

Are you ready to purchase your first set of Acrylic Pattern Templates for your favorite RLR Creations Pattern?

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Ken and Denise from Tops and Bobbins will be hosting a giveaway for a set of free templates for a new RLR Creations Pattern coming in June 2017! There is also a special group discount code for 10% off Tops and Bobbins Acrylic Templates for the RLR Creations Sewing Patterns group.



Tops and Bobbins is a family owned company based in Hesperia California. For more information about their Acrylic Template services you can reach them by

E-mail or by Phone: 760-881-4025 (Tue-Sat 10am to 5pm Pacific Time)