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Instructions for applying RLR Creations Full Wrap Nail Art Decals

1.Paint your nails with 1-2 coats of a nail color or basecoat

2.  Choose the sizes that fit each of your nails the best. Cut out each decal from the sheet and cut following the design(trimming off the white).

3. Place each decal(one at a time) in a shallow dish of water for 10-20 seconds, ideally using a pair of tweezers so you do not harm the design.

4. Take the decal out of the water using tweezers, the nail wrap will slide off the backing paper easily. (If not place back in the water for a few seconds) Slide the design off the backing directly onto your nail. Do not flip them over as you would a temp tattoo. The side facing the backing goes against your nail.

5. When you are happy with the placement dry off the nail and smooth out any wrinkles using a tissue or soft cloth. (If you need to re-position the decal, keep it wet by dipping it back into the water or slide the decal back into the water and place it back on the nail). Dab off all excess water and allow drying for a minute or two.

6. Once you have completely dried the decal on your nail, cut off the excess allowing a little to hang over the tip of your nail.

7. Add a layer of topcoat, after a few seconds the decal may crease slightly, if this happens use your cuticle pusher to gently pull the design flat again by touching the cuticle pusher on the tip of the decal and roll under the tip of the nail.

8.  Apply a second coat of topcoat and allowing to dry completely. Once your nails are dry you can use a fine nail file and file off the excess from your tips and the sides of your nails if needed.

Applying the full wraps for the first time takes some patience, but as with anything the more you use them the easier it becomes. The results are worth it!
Start with the smallest nails/decals and work up. If you mess one up you have plenty of  extra and can cut one of the larger extras down to  fit smaller nails.
Applying an additional layer of topcoat after a few days will prolong the wear of your Nail Wraps.
The decals are full color so you do not need to wear a coat of polish under them but they will last longer if you at least apply a layer of base coat.

Removing the Nail Wraps:

1. When ready to remove just use nail polish remover as you would to take your color off.

2. Come back to RLR Creations for more Water Slide Decals!

You can view a video tutorial here

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